The Vitality Program

Get more energy and vitality to do the things you love within 12 weeks

So many people I talk to want to feel well and have the energy they need to get through each day. I developed my 12 Week Vitality Program to help people reach their dream of having better health and vitality. It doesn’t matter what the underlying reason for you poor health is, my Vitality Program will give the energy to live each day full of health and vitality.

The Program has three phases, with three steps within each phase.


Herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes will will repair, renew and restore damaged tissue, laying the foundations for healing and the changes to come.


Now, lets build on the earlier work this phase will continue to soothe you body, giving you the support and strength you need to do the things you want to do.


This is the most important phase. You have done the hard work, now is the time to adjust and adapt to your new way of living well. By accepting the new, you will establish a way of living that will Nourish and Cherish your whole body, and have the energy to do what YOU want.

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